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The BDS-1 can be finished in flat or mottled colours or disruptive patterns for any theatre of operation


The BDS-1 Ballistic Defence Block is a quickly deployable ballistic wall that can provide protection from hostile fire with a tested containment capability from side-arms, and machine pistols up to .50 calibre, including sniper rifles, tracer and Chinese A/P rounds.

The self interlocking modular construction means that it can be quickly erected to create standalone protective walls or an internal or external containment layer to existing structures, or operational buildings likely to attract hostile fire or terrorist attack.

Typical military and security use will add protection to observation and sentry posts, checkpoints and road blocks, border crossings, buffer zones points, command posts and similar, while civilian applications include enhancing the resilience of equipment housings, utility and communication centres, and safe refuges, vaults or panic rooms for
The BDS-1 block is easily configured for sangers or other defensive firing positions

personal or corporate safety.   The BDS-1 blocks can also be used as a cavity layer filling between inner and outer wall construction for a more discrete permanent ballistic shield, and has excellent thermal and accoustic properties.

The BDS-1 is made with a unique polymer binder. The finished block has an elasticity which will decelerate and trap all small arms projectiles without flaking or chipping. Made from a from a non-biodegradable material, these self-healing blocks will far outlast any other ballistic defence structure on the market today so are ideal as a long term defence structures if requried.  The patented self-interlocking system requires no plastic links, clamps, adhesives or seals, and can be constructed as vertical or brick courses interlocking lengthwise and vertically for excellent strength and practically seamless fit.

The BDS-1 block is container, truck and skylift friendly making it an ideal choice for deployment to hostile zones where commandeered buildings may not offer sufficient
BDS-1 block at the end of Radnor Range multi-weapon proving day

protection for modern high-velocity weapons.

The BDS-1 Ballistic Defence Block is manufactured to ISO:9000 compliance from 100% recycled vehicle tyres - as well as the standard 'tyre black' finish, the blocks can be produced in flat or mottled colours and disruptive patterns to suit operational requirements for military use or simply to be less obtrusive in civiliann use. Our design and manufacturing process is lean, allowing a fast response to any custom requirements for this and other ballistic protection needs.

Because our blocks are made from recycled vehicle tyres, the fulfillment of overseas government contracts may also be possible using Manufacture Under License arrangements.  This may provide the additional benefit of being able to qualify for and utilise set-aside environmental funding, for the reduction of local tyre mountains.

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Certified tested full containment, with no palling, or chipping from rifles and LMGs
Certified tested full containment with no spalling, or chipping from .50 calibre, tracer and Chinese A/P rounds
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Indoor & Outdoor Firing Range Protection


Fire safe.ballistic containment system for indoor and outdoor ranges up to .50 calibre, plus tracer and Chinese A/P rounds.

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Battle Hall Ballistic Containment Walls


BDS-1 system interlocking blocks are easily configurable for kill mazes and scenario training to prevent live round ricochets.

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Shoot House Ballistic Containment System

shoot houses

Internal and external wall construction or cladding blocks, for shoot houses and urban live fire training facilities.

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Mobile and Containerised Firing Range Protection

mobile ranges

Ideal for temporary outdoor or containerised range facilities requiring a modular and portable live round containment system

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Front Line Ballistic Defence System

RAPID deployment

Skylift/truck/container deployable BDS-1 blocks are a fast build and move alternative to sandbag defences for front-line positions

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Ballistic Protection Sangers, Gun Pits and DFPs

sangers & DFPs

The BDS-1 defence blocks are an ideal sandbag alternative for hard, dry, rocky or icy terrain, with no natural cover or fill materials

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Indoor & Outdoor Firing Range Protection

training ranges

Recycleable and exchangeable BDS-1 ballistic blocks are a cost-effective and green containment option for private training ranges.

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Indoor & Outdoor Firing Range Protection


With a certified capability up to .50 calibre including tracer, the BDS-1 is ideal for ballistic testing and forensic facilities.

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Ballistic Protection and Sangers for Piracy Defence


Ballistic defence blocks can be used to create safe redoubts for crew from which to coordinate repulse or distress operations.

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Indoor & Outdoor Firing Range Protection

rifle & gun clubs

Our blocks can be repositioned for even wear and enhanced longevity, and exchanged for new blocks without full replacement.

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Indoor & Outdoor Firing Range Protection


Reliable ballistic safety combined with ease of installation is key at competitive shooting events with large public attendance.

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We offer full consultancy and training for your specific project requirements, installations and personnel...more

BDS-1 defence blocks are produced from 100% recycled vehicle tyres and can be recycled when spent...more

Manufacture Under License options may be available to governments, to use green funding to reduce tyre mountains...more